Principal's Message - November

Kamala Harris
"What you see, You can Be!"

This weekend, we elected the First (but not last) Black Woman Vice-President, Kamala Harris. We elected her during the celebrated centennial year of women's suffrage. We elected a child of immigrants, who grew up working/middle class and who had to be bussed to school to receive a quality education. In spite of that, she went on to attend a Historically Black College and go on to be the first Black attorney general in California. When we elected Kamala Harris, we sent a clear message to little girls everywhere that anything is possible for them. For little Black girls (like the population we serve), we sent a message of hope, inspiration, and aspiration. They now will have, for the next four years and beyond, a living symbol of Beauty of Blackness and Blackness as Excellence-they finally can see themselves.
I hope that this historic victory also impacts all of us. I hope that we can now or continue to see each and every child as a possibility, endless and relentless possibility. We all can and may have the next Vice President, President, Scientist at Merrick Academy Charter School. You have Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Barack Obamas, Shirley Chisolm, sitting in our classes right now. How will this historical moment impact the vision that we have for our kids? How will that vision impact how they envision themselves."What you see, they will be."

Congratulations America! Thank you to all of you that voted and had your voices heard. Thank you for continuing and committing to ensuring that our kids and community have hope and inspiration for a better future.