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Staff Directory

Executive Director: Dr. Adrian Manuel
Executive Director Assistant: Linyu Zheng
CAO/Principal: (Interim)  Charles Watterson
Director of Academic Operations: 
Assistant Principal: 
Family Community Coordinator: Karima Porter
Instructional Coach (Math): Tiara Watson
Instructional Coach (ELA): Narisa Reid
Human Resources:
HR/ Business Manager: Yolanda Valerio
Operations Manager:
Operations Assistant: Donnette Levy
IT Coordinator:  Heriberto Collazo-Rivera
IT Associate:      Robert Ramjattan
School Nurse:    Jacqueline White
Maintenance Coordinator: Ernest Williams
Student Registrar: Sharon Clarke
School Security: Ryan Fredericks
School Security: Odin Condison
Custodian: Paul Wheeler
Custodian: Leakha McKenzie
Custodian: Margarie Boyce Passe


Dean of Students (K-2): Shereda Coke

Dean of Students (3-5): Stacey Howard

Social Worker: Nicolyn Harris

Guidance Counselor: Dawn Brodsky

Learning Specialist: Christine Hernandez

Learning Specialist: Donna Bowen

ENL/ELL/AIS: Maureen Curley

Nurse: Jacqueline White

Title I MATH: Winston James

AIS: Lenora Larocca

Specials Team:

African American Studies/Financial Literacy: John Muir

Arabic: Amina Chlouchi

Creative Arts: Fabio Puentes

Dance: Mariah Priester

OT/PT: Ms. Izzy  

Physical Education: Marie Griffiths

STEAM Broadcasting: Marvin Redhead

STEAM Science: Michelle Harrison             

STEAM Technology/Computer Science: Jermaine Allen

Visual Arts: Kimani Jackson



Kindergarten Team:
K-1: Ms. Mercury
K-2: Ms. Olbrice
K-3: Ms. Largie
        Ms. Mollica
K-4  Ms. Brown
E1   Ms. Leon (Grades K-2nd)
First Grade Team:
1-1: Ms. Wallace
1-2: Ms. Hines
1-3: Ms. Sammut
       Ms. Ronga
Second Grade Team:

2-1 Ms. Dorcin
2-2 Ms.Fraser
2-3 Ms. Ruecker
      Ms. Fazio

Third Grade Team:

3-1: Ms. Apelman- Brewster
3-2: Ms. Zamidar
3-3: Ms. Cenat
       Ms. Vulin
3-4: Ms. Johnson
       Ms. Belfron 
E2:  Ms.LaRocca (grades 3rd and 4th ) & Ms.Shepard

Fourth Grade Team:

4-1:  Ms. Krutzler
4-2:  Ms. Khan
4-3:  Mr. Dessables
        Ms. Gayle
E2:  Ms.LaRocca/& Ms.Shepard (grades 3rd and 4th ) 

Fifth Grade Team:

5-1:  Ms. Wisdom
5-2:  Ms. Abrams
        Mr. Tracey
5-3:  Ms. Lewis-Miller
        Mr. McCaskell
E5:  Ms. Wilson
       Ms. Kelly

Excellence Team:

E1:  Ms. Leon
E2:  Ms. LaRocca
E5:  Ms. Wilson
       Ms. Kelly