NYC School Re-opening

School buildings returning to in-person learning, wherever possible, will transition to classroom instruction five days per week, the mayor said. Before the suspension of in-person instruction, students attended school one to three days a week.

When the schools reopen, weekly coronavirus testing will be in effect for students and faculty.

The mayor estimates 190,000 students enrolled in the public schools will be eligible to return the week of Dec. 7. Returning students must have a parent consent form, the mayor said.

School buildings across New York City have been closed to in-person learning since Nov. 19 due to the city's 3 percent rolling positivity rate. The previously set 3 percent threshold will no longer guide the decision to close schools citywide.

The city is reopening schools "because we have so much proof now of how safe schools can be," de Blasio said Sunday. "We feel confident that we can keep schools safe."

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