Distance Learning Daily Information


Your child's teacher will contact you by email or phone. If you have not received an email from your child's teacher please go to the "Academics" page. You will find teacher information in each grade section.

Please email your child's teacher if you have not been contacted by them.

You will be given your child's Gmail account information. Keep this is a safe place. You will use it daily.
Google Classrooms
You will be invited to google classrooms for lessons assignments and videos. You will need your child's Gmail account information. If you are unfamiliar with google classroom, please visit https://www.merrickacademy.org/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=242240
Zoom Meetings
Another Platform that will be used is Zoom Meetings. The zoom app will provide live meeting time with your child's teacher. Go to https://www.merrickacademy.org/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=242254 for app and user information.
Continue to visit these sites this week

Scholastics Learn at Home 

Parents keep a log of any activities completed by your child. There are no assigned activities. Students and parents can choose from a variety of activities. 

Khan Academy 

Sign up for your free account today. Students will create their own login name and avatar.
Khan Academy allows students to practice exercises, watch instructional videos, and creates a personalized learning dashboard that allows learners to study at their own pace in the subjects of math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.


Students can complete 45min to 1 hour of ELA and Math online today. Please email your child's teacher for login information, if needed.


Reading at Home

Students can begin their reading logs today. 

Distance Learning ‘Sample' Schedule

*Please log on live when your teacher is live (times will vary)




Breakfast, Morning Meeting


Physical Education


iReady online (alternate Math and ELA)


iReady packet (Math)


Snack, Enrichment class


Social Studies/Science (alternate days) 3x a week

BrianPop 2x a week


Lunch/Free Play


Sustained Silent Reading and Writing (reflection/reading log)


Brain Break (www.gonoodle.com)


iReady packet (ELA)


Free Play


Snack, Art


Independent Practice

15 minutes MobyMax

15 minutes Khan Academy



Community Closing Meeting



Another option would be to provide your child with menu choices for the day:

Appetizers (10-15 min daily)                                                Desserts (2-3x per week)

Brain breaks (www.gonoodle.com)                                        Social Studies/Science (NewsELA)

Morning Meeting                                                                     Virtual Field Trip                                

Community Closing                                                                Interactive Author Read-Aloud and

Khan Academy (academic)                                                    Activities (Mo Willems & Dan

MobyMax (academic)                                                             Gutman, for example)

Nature Walk                           




Entrees (30-45 min daily)

ELA and AF (iReady packets)*

Math and AF (iReady  packets)*

Enrichment (Art, Technology, Chess, Physical Education/Health, Media, STEAM Science)

Sustained Silent Reading (book baggies and/or Raz-Kids)

Independent Practice (academic appetizers)

Research Projects/Book Reports

Go “Live” with your teacher (mini lessons, feedback, lead the class)




Free Digital/ Audiobooks
Queens Library 
Brooklyn Library
NYC Library