Student Support Services Team

Dean of Student Services

Ms. Christine Hernandez


Dean of Students Grades 3-5
Ms. Stacey Howard

Dean of Students Grades K-2
Ms. Shereda Coke

Guidance Counselor
Ms. Effie Karabas


Ms. Carina De Castri

Title 1   

 Title One Workshop Flyer End of Year Protocols

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 Title One Workshop- NYS Testing 2/14/17 at 1:00 pm

Ms. Sandra Ronga (Grades 3-5)

Ms. Maria Sammut (Grades K-2)


English Language Learners
Ms. Eully Giambrone & Ms. Joann Gallo

Speech & Language Pathologist
Ms. Chaya Goldstein


Ms. Sarah Mollica & Ms. Amber Shepard

Teacher's Assistant
Ms. Donnette Levy

Occupational Therapy
Ms. Izzy Ojo

Physical Therapy
Mr. Jeffery Sheriff