Executive Director , Aubrey Featherstone, afeatherstone@merrickacademy.org ,Ext. 152 


CAO/Principal , Samantha Pugh, spugh@merrickacademy.org, Est. 150 


Assistant Principal , Charles Watterson,  cwatterson@merrickacademy.org, Est. 140


 Dean of Student Services , Christine Hernandez, chernandez@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 155 


Literacy Coach K-2, Dania Allen, dallen@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 324 


Math Coach K-2 , Robena Collins, rcollins@merrickacademy.org,  Ext 324 


Literacy Coach 3-5 , Sheri Caso, scaso@merrickacademy.org,  Ext 321


Director of Operations , Charnay Phaire, cphaire@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 156 


Operations Manager, Yolanda Valerio, yvalerio@merrickacademy.org, Ext 370 


School Nurse, Gloria Gbeneku, ggbeneku@merrickacademy.org,  Ext 158


Maintenance Coordinator, Ernest Williams, ewilliams@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 309 


Student Services, Sharon Clarke, sclarke@merrickacademy.org,  Ext.316


Operations Assistant, Donnette Levy, dlevy@merrickacademy.org, Ext 100 


Family Community Partnership Coordinator , Tasha Miller, tmiller @merrickacademy.org, Est.108 


Safety Agent , Kenny Parker, kparker @merrickacademy.org, Ext 100


School Security ,Odin Condison, ocondison@merrickacademy.org,  Ext 100  


Custodian, Paul Wheeler, pwheeler@merrickacademy.org, Ext 309


Custodian ,Leakha McKenzie, lmckenzie@merrickacademy.org,  Ext 309  


Custodian, Margarie Boyce Passe, mboyce-passee@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 309


Custodian ,Gary Mickle, gmickle@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 309

Kindergarten Team

K-1  Ms.Mercury, dmercury@merrickacademy.org, Ext . 301

K-2  Ms. Toliver, dtoliver@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 304

K-3  Ms. Largiealargie@merrickacademy.orgExt.303

         Ms. Mollicasmollica@merrickacademy.org, Ext 303 

K-4   Ms. Brown,nbrown@merrickacademy.org , Ext. 302 

 E1 Ms. Leon (Grades K-2nd) , aleon@merrickacademy.org, Est.314

First Grade Team

1-1  Ms. Wallacejwallace@merrickacademy.org, Ext.404

1-2  Ms. Hines, jhines@merrickacademy.org, Ext.401 

1-3  Ms. Sammut, msammut@merrickacademy.org, Ext.402 

         Ms. Ronga, sronga@merrickacademy.org, Ext.402 

Second Grade Team

2-1 Ms. Dorcin, dorcin@merrickacademy.org, Ext.403

        Ms. Olibrice, bolibrice@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 403 

2-2   Ms.Fraser, lfraser@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 106 

2-3   Ms. Ruecker, aruecker@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 101

         Ms. Fazio, nfazio@merrickacademy.org, Ext.101  


Third Grade Team

3-1  Ms. Apelman- Brewster , jbrewster@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 102 

3-2  Ms. Zamidar, ezamidar@merrickacademy.org, Ext.103 


3-3 Ms. Cenat, ncenat@merrickacademy.org, Ext.105 

       Ms. Vulin,  lvulin@merrickacademy.org, Ext.105 

3-4  Ms. Johnson,  denettjohnson@merrickacademy.org, Ext.201 

         Ms. Belfron , mbelfon@merrickacademy.org, Ext.201


E2  Ms.LaRocca (grades 3rd and 4th ) , llarocca@merrickacademy.org, Est. 326

       Ms.Shepard, ashepard@merrickacademy.org, Est.326


Fourth Grade Team

4-1  Ms. Krutzler ,vkrutzler@merrickacademy.org, Ext 207

4-2  Ms. Khan, hkhan@merrickacademy.org, Ext.206

4-3 Mr. Dessables, pdessables@merrickacademy.org, Ext.202

         Ms. Gayle, ggayle@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 202 

E2  Ms.LaRocca (grades 3rd and 4th ) , llarocca@merrickacademy.org, Ext. 326

               Ms.Shepard, ashepard@merrickacademy.org, Ext.326

Fifth Grade Team

5-1  Ms. Wisdom, rwisdom@merrickacademy.org, Ext.205

5-2  Ms. Abrams, latoyazabrams@gmail.com, Ext.204

         Mr. Tracey, stracey@merrickacademy.org, Ext.204

5-3  Ms. Lewis-Miller, amiller9470@merrickacademy.org, Est.203

         Mr. McCaskell, smccaskell@merrickacademy.org, Est. 203 

E5  Ms. Wilson , awilson@merrickacademy.org, Est.322

Ms. Kelly, skelly@merrickacademy.org, Est.322