Letter from the Principal - Dr. Karen Valbrun

September 2016                                                      

Dear Families,

We are pleased to present you our 2016-2017 Parent Manual. We hope this will be a useful guide as we begin a year of working and learning together. By way of introduction, the purpose of this Parent Manual is to provide you with helpful information about day-to-day procedures at your child’s school, and to inform you about the core educational programs and philosophies of Merrick Academy.

It is our hope that this information will explain how we provide your child with a world-class education. Our school is committed to providing a learning environment founded on cutting- edge research and exemplary methods of teaching and learning.

The Parent Manual provides information that explains how to measure your child’s progress, and what to expect from conferences and report cards throughout the school year. You will learn about the Common Core Curriculum, which is used to guide the basis of the Academy’s curriculum. You will become aware of techniques to assist your child with homework and test preparation. Being familiar with these concepts and material will help you develop a better understanding of schoolwork and homework as well as progress reports and report cards.

In this manual, you will also find the following:

  •  Information about regulations regarding student records and parent access to these records (see the FERPA/PPRA policies)
  • The value of exemplary school attendance and the promotion policy
  • Special education inclusion at Merrick Academy
  • Discipline code and procedures
  • Grievance policy and parental complaints procedures
  • Daily schedules
  • Measures for students safety and our uniform policy
  • Information regarding transportation to and from school
  • Important information regarding the PTO organization and meetings, as well as our parent conferences.

You, the parents, play an important role in making this school great. We simply cannot achieve our lofty goals without you. Please know that we encourage parent participation in all class programs and extracurricular activities.

As specific question arise over the course of the year, please refer to this Parent Manual to address your questions or concerns. If the Parent Manual does not address your concern, please feel free to call the school office, at your convenience.

We all share the highest expectations for the upcoming year. We look forward to working together with you to make the 2016-2017 school year great.


Dr. Karen Valbrun