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The mission of Merrick Academy is to become one of the finest public schools in America. Merrick Academy is built on the philosophy that all children can learn, and the Academy ensures that all students meet or exceed New York State performance standards. The focus of the Academy is built on the core skills of reading, language, and mathematics. Merrick Academy is organized to provide an extended day, a high degree of individualized instruction, and an innovative research-based academic curriculum.

About Merrick Academy
Founded in 2000, Merrick Academy is one of the first charter schools to open in New York City and the very first to open in Queens. Merrick Academy is located in Springfield Gardens and serves nearly 550 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.
An extended school day with classes from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM allows parents greater flexibility and ensures that children’s learning time with their teachers is maximized. Our academic program is built on the Core Knowledge curriculum, which covers history, science, geography, literature, and the fine arts. Parents receive regular student progress reports, and students are held to high academic and behavioral standards, abiding by a behavior management plan that fosters social development and maturity. Every day, our teachers and staff give their best and lead our students in a community committed to lifelong learning.

The fundamental belief at Merrick Academy is that ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN. All children have the right to attend schools in which they can progress and learn. They shall have a real opportunity to learn equally rigorous content. We hold our school accountable to the same standards as those of the highest performing schools in our state.
The Academy encourages teachers to engage in “performance-based” instruction, so that our students learn both the basics and the higher-level skills they will need after graduation. Performance-based classes are more difficult to design and teach than the lecture approach, but they help children learn better and become excited about learning presentations, that they have mastered knowledge and skills in language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science.

Students usually learn only what they were taught by the teacher in class.
Teachers usually stress individual work.
Students usually use only one skill at a time. Math, English, Science, and other subjects are taught separately from one another.
Students learn how to solve simple multiple-choice or true-false problems that have only one right answer and are easy to grade.
Students learn how to solve simple, specific problems that may have little to do with the real-life situations they face when they got out of school.

Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their own learning. They are taught how to live on their own, as well as how to learn from the teacher.
Students learn to work alone and in groups.
Students learn to use many skills at the same time and to solve many complex tasks. Students are taught how to use the skills they learn in many different subjects to complete an activity.
Students learn how to solve problems that require critical thinking and may have more than one right answer. Grading these answers usually takes more time.
Students learn how to solve the kind of complex, real-life problems they will face when they start a career.

In Accordance with the Department of Education and the Mayor's Office, Merrick Academy is committed to creating a learning environment that supports ALL students.

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